The Canadian Heathen

First, I’d like to mention that I mean Heathen in it’s pejorative sense. The noun and not the adjective.  I am not a member of one of the neo-pagan Germanic groups.  If that’s what you were expecting, this is very much not the right place.

The word heathen (noun) is defined by Merriam Webster as:

‘1 : an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible
2 : an uncivilized or irreligious person’

I am an atheist.  A Canadian.  I have a tendency to swear when passionate.  I am a left-wing socialist leaning feminist and an animal rights advocate who is fluent in sarcasm.

So basically, I’m the bitch your mother warned you about.

In this space I’ll be blogging about atheism, feminism, and social injustice.  Also:  snark.  Anything that pisses me off sufficiently to put pen to paper, so to speak.  Mainly because I’m starting to feel bad inflicting these things on my rather politically neutral friends and family on Facebook.  And Twitter oppresses my verbose nature with her 140 character constraints.  Finally having a blog means I have a space to get my rant on for serious.

The Yazata

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