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Contact information

You can reach me via Twitter @TheYazata

or email :

or you could always leave a comment on one of my posts…hint hint. nudge nudge. Speaking of comments…

Commenting Policy

First you should probably read this: What Free Speech Does Not Mean, and accept that I’m under no obligation to allow anyone to comment here.

That being said, I appreciate the feedback I’ve been given. Both the positive and the constructive. I don’t even mind the occasional negative feedback. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with a lot of my opinions and I accept that. I’m not averse to having people leave comments that disagree with what I’ve written. Though I’d prefer if they took the time to write their comment in a way that was constructive. Common courtesy and all…

Where I draw the line:

  • If you comment to tell me I’m a fat/stupid/lying – bitch/cunt/whore.
  • To threaten me or tell me I deserve something horrible to happen to me.
  • If you come to copy & paste bible verses at me.
  • If you use racist/sexist/homophobic language.

I won’t even publish it. What a waste of everyone’s time. Get some goddamned originality. Asshole.

  • If you comment to derail the conversation.
  • If you try to derail by demanding I explain some common concept of feminism/atheism that you could easily have Googled yourself.

You’ll get a link to ‘Derailing for Dummies‘ as a warning. Because there can be no punishment without education. Keep doing it and you’ll be banned. I don’t appreciate disingenuity.

I reserve the right to add to this list as it becomes necessary to do so.

TheYazata : August 12th/2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you Swear so much?

I swear because fuck you, that’s why. Don’t tone-troll me. I use the language that seems appropriate to me at the time. And some of the topics I deal with get me pretty passionate or angry. You don’t like the language I use? Go away. Stop reading my blog. No one is holding a gun to your head.

More to the point: Whether or not I swear or use ‘vulgar’ language, does not effect whether or not what I’m saying makes sense or is true. Attack my arguments, not my choice of words.

Why do you call other women bitches if you’re a feminist?

Because ‘I’m taking it back’. I don’t see it as the insult that we’re supposed to think it is.
Read this : Bitch, Please.

You’re an atheist. How can you believe in nothing?

There is a difference between ‘believing in nothing’ and having no belief in gods. A huge difference. I will eventually write my own post on this subject, but in the meantime there is this: What Do You Believe in, by Michael Shermer

Last Updated September 4th/2012

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